Can you eat Acai everyday?

There have been some questions and certain debates on whether you are able to consume Acai everyday.

Here at Smoof we will not try to tell you an absolute "Yes you can!" answer. It is about selecting the right product if you would really love to have daily consumption of Acai.

Previously in our blog written down here, we mentioned about the possibilities of having a new diet simply based on Acai. The main product that we have mentioned in the post are the Unsweetened Acai Pulps.

We are confident on the post with the unsweetened pulps due to the first and biggest reason, there is no sugar at all. The other key factors that are written as per specifications are the low amount of calories, fat as well as carbs, it is not genetically modified, organic with less than 0.2% citric acid. This is what we like about the pulps, you are basically enjoying clean, vegan frozen dessert without all the 'nasties', not something you can find very often on most food this days.

We are unclear on whether there are any benefits on health, skin and weight since they are not scientifically proven however based on facts, they have much higher antioxidants than blueberry, this should definitely help you on some scale. Let us hope for more scientific research and data analysis on Acai that might be able to claim on something beneficial in the future!

That being said, if you are pregnant, still breastfeeding or have any sort of allergic reactions, you should still always consult your doctor before consuming any Acai products.



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