All You Need to Know About Smoof Acai Toppings

Everyone loves acai toppings - your acai bowl wouldn’t be complete without them. Not only do they make your acai bowls look more aesthetically pleasing with various colours, but they also help to add more texture and flavour to your acai bowl. Furthermore, acai toppings come with various health benefits, thus giving your acai bowl an extra boost. Smoof has a wide range of toppings for you to choose from - Coconut Flakes, Maple Granola, Goji Berries, Organic Chia Seeds, Cookie Butter, and Organic Raw Cacao Nibs. These acai toppings are a healthy addition to your acai bowl. Read on to learn more about these acai toppings!

  • Coconut Flakes
  • Smoof’s coconut flakes are finely shredded and they are fragrant and tasty, perfect for coconut lovers! 

    Health benefits:

    • Dietary Fibre: Coconut Flakes provide dietary fibre which reduces the risk of constipation as it encourages proper digestion and bowel movements. 
    • Iron: Coconut is a good source of iron which is crucial in ensuring that the cells in your body get sufficient oxygen. Inadequate amounts of iron may lead to weakness and fatigue and may weaken the immune system.
    • Zinc: Coconut Flakes also provide zinc which is crucial to the strength and health of the immune system. 

  • Maple Granola 
  • Smoof’s maple granola is crunchy and sweet and it is one of the most popular acai toppings. It adds extra crunch and texture to your acai bowl, making each bite more satisfying. 

    Health benefits:

    • Protein and Fibre: Granola is rich in protein and fibre which contribute to fullness
    • May improve digestion: Since granola is rich in fibre, it may help to improve digestion 
    • May improve blood pressure: High-fibre ingredients like granola has also shown to help reduce blood pressure

  • Goji Berries
  • Goji berries are one of the healthiest acai toppings as they are a rich source of nutrients with many health benefits. It also adds extra sweetness to your acai bowl!

    Health benefits:

    • Protect the eyes: Goji berries may help vision as they are rich in healthy antioxidants, especially zeaxanthin. This antioxidant can also prevent damage from UV light. Free radicals, and oxidative stress.       
    • Improve immune system: the healthy antioxidants are known to boost the immune system and fight harmful free radicals and inflammation. Goji berries are also rich in Vitamin A and C which are vital for building immunity and preventing illnesses
    • Protect against cancer: the high level of antioxidants are responsible for fighting cancer cells as they slow tumor growth, reduce inflammation, and help to remove harmful substances from the body
    • Promotes healthy skin: Goji berries contain beta-carotene which is known for its ability to promote healthy skin

  • Organic Chia Seeds
  • Chia Seeds are also one of the healthiest acai toppings as they are highly nutritious - very rich in fibre, antioxidants, minerals, and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. 

    Health benefits: 

    • May aid weight loss: the protein in chia seeds may help to reduce appetite and food intake as it can help to increase the feeling of fullness 
    • May lower risk of heart disease: the fibre and omega-3s found in chia seeds may reduce the risk of heart disease as they can help lower bad cholesterol in the blood 
    • Improve bone health: chia seeds are high in calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium which are important for bone health and can help keep your bones strong

  • Organic Raw Cacao Nibs
  • Raw cacao nibs are crumbled bits of dried cacao beans which grow on cacao trees. Despite being small, it has an intense chocolatey flavour. Raw cacao nibs give your acai bowl a chocolatey flavour - chocolate lovers would love it!

    Health benefits: 

    • Rich in antioxidants: helps to reduce cell damage in the body
    • Promotes healthy digestion: raw cacao nibs are rich in fibre which can soften bowel movements and improve healthy digestion
    • Improve mood: raw cacao nibs contain healthy fats and other compounds that can help to increase hormones serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain
    • Lower risk of heart attack and stroke: may increase good HDL cholesterol which can help lower risk of heart attack and stroke 

  • Cookie Butter
  • Cookie Butter is Smoof’s best-selling topping - it is a must-have in your acai bowl and you can never go wrong with it. It boosts the sweetness and flavour in your acai bowl, perfect for those with a sweet tooth!





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