What are acai bowls made of?

So, you have been to some of the retail shops that have Acai bowls in their menu whether in Singapore or somewhere else in the world and wondered what is this tasty, refreshing and fruity bowl made of?

After trying out different Acai bowls, I realise every shop have their own unique recipes and ways of preparing their bowls. Most of the Acai bowls base ingredients are made from Acai sorbet or Acai Pulps followed by toppings like fruits and nuts as well as sauces/drizzles such as peanut or cookie butter. Let’s explore more over here.

  1. Acai Sorbet

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The most common method for most retail shops to prepare their Acai bowls will be by using Acai sorbet. This is understandable as speed and consistency is vital to most shops’ success and survival.


Once an order is received, all they need to do is to scoop out the correct amount of Acai Sorbet and place it on the bowl followed by the rest of the ingredients. The taste and consistency of the Acai bowl is right there since it is a pre blended recipe without wasting much time.


The only disadvantage that I have noticed is that this method might be too sweet for anyone who prefer less sweet Acai bowls.


  1. Acai Pulps/Puree

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Definitely not as common due to the preparation required to blend them into Acai bowls.


To prepare the Acai pulps, it can be blended constantly and scooped from the blending machine when required or blending them on the spot when an order is received.


The unique point for using Acai pulps as Acai bowls will be the choice of controlling the ingredients and sweetness. Shop owners might have their own creative recipe to create their own Acai bowl which may stand out from the rest of the competition such as using bananas, mixed berries and juices or oat milks to blend. The Acai bowls using Acai pulps will also taste less sweet due to the lower sugar content.


Consistency of the bowl however might not be as sorbet like and probably less firm compared to using sorbet but that all depends on the way it is blended as well as the ingredients used. But I have been to certain parts of the world where Acai bowl is consumed more watery and they prefer it that way just as the native Brazilian does.


  1. Acai Powder

To be honest, I am not aware if any stores in Singapore are using Acai powder to create their Acai bowl. But if there is, they should most likely be using the same method of blending Acai pulps where they can pre blend or blend on the spot.


As we mentioned on our previous article, Acai Powder apparently contains more Acai per pound than the rest therefore the higher price as well. It also depends on how much Acai powder is used per bowl to be more nutritious than the other types of Acai bowl.


  1. Toppings

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There are a whole variety of toppings to choose from. From crunchy granola and shredded coconut to fresh fruit slices and chia seeds, the topping options are endless. These toppings not only add texture and visual appeal but also pack a nutritional punch, providing essential nutrients and energy.


  1. Sauces/Drizzle

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Usually an optional choice, you get to choose in between some peanut, cashew, almond, cookie (also known as Biscoff spread) butter and probably honey.



Whichever type of Acai bowl you prefer, you can most likely find them in the retail shops all around Singapore. But if you prefer to do it yourself at home maybe because of certain recipe that is not available or because you would like to have your Acai bowl for a fraction of the cost compared to the price at a shop, we have our Acai Sorbets, Pulps and Powders for you to do so.

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