We are on Redmart, Lazada, Shopee, Grabmart, Pandamart & Deliveroo

We understand that some of our customers might prefer to purchase our products via other platforms for purposes such as utilizing vouchers and cashbacks. Some other time it is due to urgent delivery which other platforms are able to provide.

Here are the differences in platforms that you are able to find our products on.


E-commerce platforms:

  1. Redmart - Currently our only online supermarket platform. Great for single item purchases while shopping for other groceries.
  2. Lazada – The e-commerce platform that allowed us to list our products only around 2022 due to our nature of perishable products.
  3. Shopee – The biggest e-commerce platform in Singapore. Full of different vouchers & cashbacks. Listed our products around 2021 and have sold more than 3000 “bundle of 3 Acai Berry Sorbets” with around 1500 ratings in till date.


On-demand platforms:

  • Grabmart, Pandamart & Deliveroo – Instant delivery right to your doorsteps whenever you need our products! We are pretty much in kitchens that are ready for delivery islandwide wherever you are in Singapore.


Which platform might be more suitable for you will depend on your own preferences and other factors such as delivery charges. Our website will be the only platform with low minimum order with free delivery. You are also able to select your preferred date for delivery which might make it more convenient to plan your schedule!

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