Pitaya Acai Bowl Recipe

We all love Acai bowls. But using the same recipe might get a little dull after a while.

Thinking back, we use to make Pitaya bowls in our store before the pandemic and got good reviews from it. And of course, everything will be better when you mix both Acai & Pitaya together... maybe nutritionally.

What is Pitaya?

Dragon fruit, commonly also known as Pitaya is a tropical fruit that’s low in calories and high in fiber and antioxidants.Depending on the variety, Pitaya's flesh can be red, white, or yellow in color.

Where is Pitaya from?

Pitaya is native to south America most commonly around the region of southern Mexico and along the Pacific coasts of Guatemala, Costa Rica and El Salvador. However Pitaya is also cultivated in south east asia, that is also why you get to see these fruits more commonly in supermarkets.

Benefits of Pitaya

  1. High in nutrients
  2. Loaded with fibre
  3. Promotes a healthy Gut
  4. Strengthens your immune system
  5. Good Source of magnesium

Pitaya vs Acai

Both pitaya and acai are rich in fiber, antioxidants and vitamins, making them great for your health. However, pitaya is higher in magnesium, while acai is higher in vitamin A. Either way, both pitaya and acai are great for your health!

In terms of taste, pitaya is going to be a little sweeter and is comparable to watermelon. Acai, on the other hand, has a earthy flavor profile a little mix of blackberries & cacao.

Recipe for Pitaya Acai Bowl


100g of Frozen Pitaya Chunks (Preferably from frozen from fresh Pitaya for better taste)

100g of Frozen Acai Pulp (Thaw and break them up for easier blending)

1/2 Frozen Sliced Banana

2-3oz of water/apple juice (Depending on blender, you may require more liquid)


1 Fresh sliced Strawberry 1 tbsp of Goji Berries
1 tsp of Chia Seeds 1 tbsp of Pumpkin Seeds
1 tsp of Raw Cacao nibs 1 tbsp of Granola
1 tsp of Coconut Flakes 1/2 Fresh sliced Banana



1. Blend the ingredients by adding liquids first before the rest of the frozen items and blend till SMOOF.

2. Once consistency is thick and creamy, scoop them into a bowl.

3. Slice the Fresh Banana and place them into the bowl followed by the rest of the toppings as you prefer and enjoy!


Both pitaya and acai are rich in fiber, antioxidants and vitamins, making them great for your health. This is an alternative to your daily acai bowl that can be interesting and delicious for you!

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