Difference between Acai Pulp and Acai Sorbet

Ever wondered what’s the difference between acai pulp and acai sorbet? Not sure which to get? Here are the key differences between acai pulp and acai sorbet.

1. Process and Ingredients

The first difference is how the acai are being processed. Acai Pulps are closer to its natural form where the berries are transported to the processing facility to be pulped, pasteurized, and frozen within 48 hours after they are harvested. The acai pulps are often infused with citric acid to improve shelf stability. 

Whereas Acai Sorbet is made from acai pulp that has been processed in an ice cream making machine with other ingredients and sweeteners.  


2. Consumption 

Acai pulp must be blended with other ingredients before consumption. It also allows more flexibility in how you want to create your own acai bowl. If you want to keep the calories low, you can blend with frozen fruits and add healthier, low-calories toppings like strawberries, bananas, blueberries, chia seeds, and goji berries. If you’re a nut lover, you can add more nutty toppings like peanut butter and all kinds of nuts. The acai pulp is perfect for those who enjoy blending their own acai bowls or smoothies at home. This is also a great option for diabetics and calorie counters as you are able to moderate your portion sizes and control the ingredients used as well as the sugar content. What’s more, acai pulp comes in two versions - pure unsweetened and sweetened with guarana. So you have the option of choosing between sugar free acai pulp or sweetened acai pulp for those with a sweet tooth. 

On the other hand, acai sorbet is a ready-to-eat option where it is more convenient and can be enjoyed straight out of the pint. There’s also another way you can enjoy them - if you enjoy making your own acai bowl but don’t have time to blend them, acai sorbet would be perfect. You can scoop the acai sorbet in a bowl and top it off with ingredients of your choice - fresh fruits, granola, coconut flakes, chia seeds etc. You can even add a scoop of acai sorbet on top of a freshly blended acai bowl! The possibilities with how you can create your acai bowls are endless. 

So, if you’re feeling more adventurous and creative, blend your own acai bowl or smoothie with Smoof's Organic Acai Pulp! If you prefer a fuss-free, ready-to-eat option, go for Smoof's Acai Sorbet - you can never go wrong with it. So get creative and create your own acai bowl! For acai bowl recipes, read here

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